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School Holidays: Online Board Game Club - Ages 8-13
School Holidays: Online Board Game Club - Ages 8-13

Fri, 19 July



School Holidays: Online Board Game Club - Ages 8-13

Join us for our Online Board Game Club! Learn and play new games on Board Game Arena, and make new friends while doing so!

Time & Location

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19 July 2024, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm


About the event

School Holidays Online Board Game Club - Ages 8-13

Description: Welcome to our School Holiday Online Board Game Club! Join us for 3 days of fun-filled gaming sessions where your child and their friends will meet other kids, learn new board games and explore the exciting world of modern board gaming!


  • Date: Wed 17th - Fri 19th
  • Time: 9:30am - 12:30 pm (Australian Eastern Time)
  • Platform: Discord
  • Game Platform: Board Game Arena
  • Age Range: 8-13
  • Cost: $40AUD per session

How It Works:

  1. Purchase your ticket for one or multiple days.
  2. Create or sign into a Discord account.
  3. Join our Discord server (you will receive instructions on how to join the Discord server when you register).
  4. On the day and time of the event, log in to Discord and join the designated voice channels.
  5. We'll provide instructions for accessing the games on Board Game Arena.
  6. Play, interact, and enjoy 3 hours of board gaming fun with fellow club members!

What You Will Need:

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Headphones with Microphone (Required)
  • External Microphone (If you headphones does not have one included)
  • Webcam (Required for safety verification)
  • Premium Board Game Arena Account (About $55 per year or $5 per month)

What You'll Experience:

  • A diverse selection of board games to choose from, ranging from classics to modern favorites.
  • Engaging gameplay facilitated by experienced moderators.
  • Opportunities to meet new people, make friends, and build connections with fellow gamers.
  • A welcoming and inclusive community where everyone is encouraged to participate and have fun.

Join us for an unforgettable gaming experience every Monday evening! Get your ticket now and let the games begin!


Can I sign up my child for multiple or all 3 days?

Absolutely! In fact we recommend it as there will be different games taught each day!

Do I need to supervise my child while they participate in the program?

Yes. While you do not need to watch them constantly, age appropriate supervision by at least one adult is recommended while they participate in the program. The nominated parent/adult also MUST be contactable during the hours of the program 

What online safety measures are in place during the program?

When you join our Discord Server, the account you/your child will be using will be given strict permissions on the server. Players can only join the server if they have received our unique link. Under 18 participants will not have access to the general chat and will not have the ability to be privately messaged by other members on the server.

What is Discord?

Discord is an online platform and is extremely popular among gaming and pop culture communities. Think of it as an online forum, chat room, Zoom, community message board all rolled into one! It is free to download! Just type in Discord into a search engine and you will easily find it!

What is Board Game Arena and why do we need a Premium Account?

Board Game Arena is a website, upon which users may play well implemented online versions of over 800 real life board games and card games! While free users of the website are able to play any of the 800+ games on the website, a premium account is required to CREATE a table for most of the more popular games. Therefore we require all board game club participants to have a Premium Account so that managing table creation during the program is as smooth as possible. 

What will a session of the Online Board Game Club actually entail?

A rough outline looks like this:

1. Players will log on to the discord server and their Board Game Arena account in time for the start of the session. 

2. Registered players for each session will be added to a central voice channel on the Discord server

3. All players will be taught how to play a selected game on Board Game Arena

4. Players will break off into groups to play the taught game

5. The moderator(s) will be constantly moving between groups to check on how they are going and help players who have questions with how to play the game

6. All players will be brough back to a central channel to either be taught a new game or to conclude the session, depending on time. 


  • Session Ticket

    +$1.00 service fee



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