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Megagames are an emerging form of entertainment that we are excited to offer and share to others. Spend the day making important decisions alongside 30+ other players as you react to an alien invasion or deal with the risks of travelling to a new planet.

What is a Megagame?

Megagames are an exciting and emerging entertainment format! Megagames are large scale social simulations in which dozens or more players spend the day using social interaction, negotiation and game mechanics to 'roleplay' a complex situation. Players could each be a representative for a different country, tasked with negotiating with other country's about how to deal with an alien invasion. Or players could be members of different departments on a spaceship on a one way trip to a new planet. 


How do you win?

You don't win or lose in a megagame. The thrill and excitement is in developing and experience a unique story through the decisions made by each and every player. Maybe Canada decides to align with the aliens against the rest of humanity. Maybe Australia invites the aliens to land and operate out of their country. The outcomes are entirely up to the players!


How much does a Megagame cost?

Each Megagame event will cost a different amount per ticket, depending on the game being run itself, the venue hired and operating costs etc. As a rough guideline though, expect to pay approximately $100 per ticket for the full day experience. 


Want to volunteer to help run and moderate a Megagame?

While we will have staff primarily operating the events, megagames do often require a large number of game 'moderators' to run. If you are interested in volunteering to moderate a game, we can offer you a free ticket to be a player in another game as thanks. Contact Us if you are interested in moderating Megagames. 

Are you a venue manager and want to host an event?
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