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Meet the Founder

Liam Braid

Hi, I am Liam! I am an ambulance paramedic by trade but my greatest hobby and passion is board games and finding new ways in which humans can interact and have a good time together. In searching for new ways to have fun and events to attend I found that there were lots of good ideas out there in the world like Puzzle Tournaments, Board Game Tournaments, Megagames and other emerging formats. But these types of events are hard to come by in Australia so far, and they definitely can't be found in the same place. So, my aim with Braided Entertainment is to create a single brand and business that offers a range of event types, all over the country so that you can also find new ways to enjoy the absolute pleasure that hobbies and games can bring to you, your friends and your family. So check out our events!


Our Events

We run a variety of different hobby based events, with the aim of providing a range of emerging forms of entertainment to a wider community

Black Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Hour

Join us for friendly jigsaw puzzle competitions in a pub! Race against the clock and others to finish a 500 piece puzzle while also enjoying your pub feed and drinks!


Board Game Tournaments

We run Single Day board game tournaments. Are you a Ticket to Ride or Catan buff? Sign up and find out!

Planet and Moon


Megagames are an emerging form of entertainment that we are excited to offer and share to others. Spend the day making important decisions alongside 30+ other players as you react to an alien invasion or deal with the risks of travelling to a new planet.



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