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Puzzle Hour - Jan 24th 2024 at Club Paramatta

The first ever Puzzle Hour event at Club Paramatta was held! Thanks to the club for providing the space.

15 Teams of puzzlers and 1 brave solo puzzler came together to take on the challenge of Speed Puzzling! There was a great range of demographics and skill levels represented, so it was great to see many people trying their hand at this fun concept! We welcomed many teams and puzzlers who are quickly becoming regulars and many new friendly faces as well!

Warm-Up Round

The puzzles for tonight were ordered from QPuzzles, a fantastic Australian Puzzle manufacturer. For the warm-up round the puzzlers raced to create this cute and colourful Kookaburra out of 121 pieces! The winners Puzzle Misfits, featuring two of our reigning champions and some new recruits, took out the Warm-Up Round in 7 minutes flat! First timers Team Di and Fry'Day Puzzlers getting the Silver and Bronze.

Final Results - Warm-Up Round

1st Place: Puzzle Misfits - 7 min 00 sec

2nd Place: TeamDi - 7 min 50 sec

3rd Place: Fry'day Puzzlers - 8 min 25 sec

4th Place: In the Conservatory with the Candlestick - 12 min 25 sec

5th Place: Going to Pieces - 13 min 5 sec

6th Place: Lee-gends - 14 min 40 sec

7th Place: Super Instinct - 14 min 50 sec

8th Place: We Come in Pieces - 16 min 25 sec

9th Place: JKLMnop - 25 min 50 sec

Main Round

Finally for the main round was a 506 piece puzzle called Golden Pavilion, a beautiful scene with a tricky reflection aspect for puzzlers to solve!

Puzzle Misfits took home the victory once again in a time of 43min 45sec. The Fry'day Puzzlers and TeamDi continued their close battle with Fry'day Puzzlers taking 2nd place in this round! Puzzle Hour History was made however with 3 teams cracking the hour mark for the first time!

Final Results - Main Round

1st Place: Puzzle Misfits - 43 min 45 sec

2nd Place: Fry'day Puzzlers - 54 min 20 sec

3rd Place: Team Di - 57 min 40 sec

4th Place: The Miss Fits - 1 hr 10 min 0 sec

5th Place: In the Conservatory with the Candlestick - 1 hr 13 min 51 sec

6th Place: Lowies - 1 hr 14min 40 sec

7th Place: Binchicken Haters - 1 hr 20 min 20 sec

8th Place: We Come in Pieces - 1 hr 31 min 45 sec

9th Place: Super Instinct - 1 hr 36 min 30 sec

10th Place: Going to Pieces - 1 hr 41min 45 sec

11th Place: Mymo - 1 hr 52 min 15 sec

12th Place: The Puzzletastic Duo - 1 hr 57 min 48 sec

13th Place: Lee-gends - 2 hr 17 min 0 sec

14th Place: Tidgy Tadge - 2 hr 18 min 30 sec

15th Place: Jig-so (Solo) - 2 hr 21 min 0 sec

16th Place: JKLMnop - Kind of finished...but plenty of smiles!

Great efforts by all teams!

See you next time!!

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