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Puzzle Hour - Nov 23 2023 at Gladesville RSL

Last night was the inaugural Puzzle Hour event at Gladesville RSL & Community Club! Thanks to the club for providing the space.

5 Teams of brave puzzlers stepped forward into what is a new event and had a great time! Many of the puzzlers just competed at the National Championships this past Sunday, but one team had never done any form of puzzle racing before!

Warm-Up Round

The puzzles for tonight were ordered from QPuzzles, a fantastic Australian Puzzle manufacturer. For the warm-up round this beautiful 121 piece puzzle of an Adelaide Rosella was the challenge! The winners les enigmes were able to choose between $50 cash, a spin of the Jackpot Wheel or a mystery advantage for the main round. They took the $50!

Final Results - Warm-Up Round

1st Place: les énigmes - 7 min 21 sec

2nd Place: Pieces and Love - 10 min 33 sec

3rd Place: In the Conservatory with the Candlestick - 12 min 55 sec

4th Place: Going to Pieces (Pair) - 27 min 43 sec

Lucky Draw Prize

Next up was the Lucky Draw Prize! Each team received 3 entries for being in the main round, 1 additional entry if they entered into the warm-up round, and anyone who successfully completed a free puzzle swap recieved another entry!

Julie from les enigmes was the winner! She chose to have crack at the Jackpot Wheel for $100 instead of a safe $60 cash but JUST missed out. Better luck next time!

Main Round

Finally for the main round was a 506 piece puzzle of Mont-Saint Michael and it was beautiful to look at once completed! All teams reported that it was more difficult then they expected with the sky being the easiest part! Everyone had more trouble with the muddy road instead. les enigmes took the win again and took home another $120 in cash!

Puzzle Hour at its heart is about a fun social experience rather than fierce competition and it was great to see everyone have a great time. Special shout out to Pieces and Love who were a team of two who decided on the night to team up with a single player, who also managed to get a last minute ring in to create a make shift team of 4! Pieces and Love also once finished jumped in to help out our only Pair team Going to Pieces and it was all smiles at the end! Some friendships brewing I think...

Final Results - Main Round

1st Place: les énigmes - 33 min 12 sec

2nd Place: Pieces and Love - 47 min 55 sec

3rd Place: In the Conservatory with the Candlestick - 1 hr 17 min 41 sec

4th Place: Piecekeepers - 1 hr 26 min 42 sec

5th Place: Going to Pieces (Pair) - 1 hr 58 min 51 sec*

*Team received some much loved assistance :)

See you next time!!

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