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Puzzle Hour - Jan 10 2024 at Castle Hill RSL

The second ever Puzzle Hour event was held at Castle Hill RSL! Thanks to the club for providing the space.

18 Teams of puzzlers came together in the Sports Bar of the RSL to take on the challenge of Speed Puzzling! There was a great range of demographics and skill levels represented, so it was great to see many people trying their hand at this fun concept!

Warm-Up Round

The puzzles for tonight were ordered from QPuzzles, a fantastic Australian Puzzle manufacturer. For the warm-up round the puzzlers race to create this cute Café setting from 121 pieces! The winners les enigmes, our returning champions from the first Puzzle Hour event, continued to show their skill and proficiency at puzzling by taking out the Warm-up Round in just 5 mins 45 seconds.

Final Results - Warm-Up Round

1st Place: les énigmes - 5 min 45 sec

2nd Place: The Conservatory & The Candlestick - 8 min 42 sec

3rd Place: We Come in Pieces - 10 min 28 sec

4th Place: Regi - 11 min 40 sec

5th Place: Princess Peggy - 11 min 57 sec

6th Place: Dr Phil and the Girls - 12 min 09 sec

7th Place: Puzzle Pals - 14 min 45 sec

8th Place: Puzzled - 15 min 58 sec

9th Place: Jigsaw Ninjas - 18 min 23 sec

10th Place: Sawjig Puzzlers - 18 min 50 sec

11th Place: Warris - 21 min 08 sec

12th Place: Happy Daze - 22 min 26 sec

13th Place: Princess Honey - 23 min 33 sec

Main Round

Finally for the main round was a 506 piece puzzle called Venice Masquerade and it was beautiful to look at once completed! However there were more than a few grumbles and perhaps a few puzzlers unhappy with my choice of puzzle. The red dress proved to be extremely difficult, stumping even the most experienced and skilled puzzlers!

les enigmes took home the victory once again! But this time in a time of 51 min 18 sec which is nearly 20 minutes longer than it took them to complete the main round at the last Puzzle Hour event. Which goes to show how difficult this puzzle was! The Jigsaw Junkies, on their debut, did give les enigmes a run for their money though finishing just 6 mins or so behind them!

Final Results - Main Round

1st Place: les énigmes - 51 min 18 sec

2nd Place: Jigsaw Junkies - 57 min 57 sec

3rd Place: In the Conservatory with the Candlestick - 1 hr 32 min

4th Place: Dr Phil and the Girls - 1 hr 39min 06 sec

5th Place: Princess Peggy - 1 hr 40 min

6th Place: We Come in Pieces - 1 hr 48 min 16 sec

7th Place: The Big Cheese - 1 hr 54 min

8th Place: Puzzle Pals - 1 hr 59 min 30 sec

9th Place: I'm Puzzled! - 2 hr 28 min 12 sec

Many other teams kept puzzling away after the event officially ended and I left the venue. With the Sawjig Puzzlers getting in touch to say they had finished in 3 hr 20 min.

Great efforts by all the other teams as well though! It was not an easy puzzle!

See you next time!!

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