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Our First Ever 'Puzzle Hour' - Jigsaw Competition

November 23rd 6pm-9:30pm

Gladesville RSL & Community Club

Braided Entertainment is a brand new hobby based events and entertainment business based in New South Wales, Australia.

We are proud to announce that our inaugural event will be 'Puzzle Hour'. A friendly Jigsaw Puzzle race or "Speed Puzzling" held at Gladesville RSL where competitors can enjoy the competitive fun of puzzle competitions in an environment of good food, drinks and friends. Much like a 'Pub Trivia' style event.

About Puzzle Competitions

I think EVERYONE has at least attempted a jigsaw puzzle at some point in their life before, probably under the tutelage of a wise Grandmother! But did you know that jigsaw puzzle competitions, where individuals and teams compete to complete puzzles in the fastest times, are becoming an increasingly popular and recognised hobby, so much so that the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation holds annual World Championships!

Only 3 weeks ago Las Chica Checas, a team from Czech Republic completed these two puzzles in a time of 1 Hour 30 Minutes and 25 Seconds to win the Teams event at the 2023 World Jigsaw Puzzle Championships in Valladolid, Spain.

Meanwhile, our Australian Team did very well themselves! Our Two teams, the Puzzlaroos and Jigaroos, placed 31st and 42nd out of the 99 competing teams. With Hannah Farthing and Katrina Coleman finishing as the two best placed Aussies in the individual event, coming 19th and 20th.

Jigsaw Puzzle Competitions in Australia

Currently, the Australian Jigsaw Puzzle Association are the primary, and World Jigsaw Federation recognised, body for Jigsaw Puzzle competitions in Australia. They have the Victorian State Championships coming up in the last weekend of this month! As well as the National Championships, taking place in Sydney in November. Check out the details for those events here:

Braided Entertainment's 'Puzzle Hour'

Puzzle Competitions are a hobby and format that is clearly growing in popularity and we believe it deserves much more attention in Australia and that there should be plenty more accessible opportunities for Australians and guests to try out this type of event, and in a more relaxed 'Pub Trivia' type event as well with yummy food and drinks on offer as well. Our goal is to host these events at many locations and more frequently than the annual championships.

The first of which is taking place on November 23rd at Gladesville RSL in Sydney! Check out all the event details here! $60 Entry per Team, 500 piece puzzle which you get to keep and multiple opportunities for prizes!

Puzzle Swap

While you will need a ticket to participate in Puzzle Hour, you do NOT need a ticket to utilise the Puzzle Swap offer at our events! All you have to do is Bring a Puzzle. Take a Puzzle. It is completely free and by doing so you earn a chance to win a prize even without buying a ticket!!


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